Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

Chloé Trespeuch was born April 13, 1994 in Bourg Saint Maurice.

She’s in french team A of snowboardecross. Snowboarding is her lifestyle but she also enjoy many sportshorseriding,squash,golf,surf,wakeboaard and soon tennis.She began snowboarding competitions when she was nine year old. After 5 Frenh championship titles, she’integrate Albertville alpine sport college   (best sport snowboard study of France). In 2010 she’s already one of the french girls in the national snowboard selection.

Only sixteen she’s vice champion europe senior and became vice europe senior champion when she is younger.

The following year she won the title of Europe champion and Vice junior World Champion. She has on most of the  europa cups, Chloe is now on the World Cup circuit since the 2011-2012 season. For her first experience at the highest level, she finished 8 th in the Senior General and world number one junior.

Chloe won the Bronze Medal on the Olympics game in Sochi, Russia. 

Chloé stay focused on the snowboard cross competition but she also like to freestyle day and freeride hen good conditions.

so she’s keep tuned and polyvalent…

Always ready for shooting abd video to improve her visibility and communication.You could use Chloé Trespeuch image to associate your company to sport and nature. She ‘ll be happy and disponible to represent your   interest throughout her  media apearance and she’ll be able to put your logo on her snowboard gear.

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